Monday, June 11, 2012

A Response to Helen Caldicot

When I read this blog entry and the snide comments about Barry Brook provided by one of the commenters, I'm afraid I just had to respond.  I don't expect this response to be made visible because it rebuffs Helen's entire propaganda scheme, so I'm putting it here:

First, the blog entry is here:

Now my comment:
I find it ironic that a blog called IF YOU LOVE THIS PLANET, would be so against nuclear power. If you love this planet, you should be finding solutions to global warming that work, not spreading fear about the only energy source with a chance to achieve that goal.

The message espoused by Helen Caldicot and others is naive in the extreme, and hasn’t been implemented because it’s unworkable in reality. Helen Caldicot’s views are outdated, misleading, and misguided.

How long are we going to wait for crackpot schemes to fail before we actually do something positive to combat global warming? Regardless of your feelings on nuclear power, it has proven itself many times over to be the safest of the energy sources, and the most abundant.

Barry Brook was one of you. He was staunch anti-nuclear all his life - until he realized renewables cannot work, and actually took the time to investigate all aspects of nuclear power. He recognizes that current reactors are old and need replacing, but he also recognizes that new designs are as safe as any energy source today.

It’s time for the people who LOVE THIS PLANET to start behaving like people who want to keep the biodiversity, the climate and the environment that means so much to us all.